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Clear Your Kryptonite


-No Needles -

-No Medication- 

-No Pain-

-No Problem -

 Just Freedom

Hi, I'm Lisa!  Founder of Allergies Freed

Lisa Bechtel

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas A. Edison

I am a Certified Allergy Elimination Treatment (AET for short) Practitioner and Registered Nutritional Counsellor (RNC).

I know it is hard to believe to some but it absolutely Works!

What lead me to my practice?

Before getting into this practice, I had many of my own allergies/ sensitivities. Some so major that they had control over my day to day life and no traditional medicine could help. After discovering AET and getting my own sensitives fixed, I was so amazed at how it changed my life and how I no longer lived under a black cloud. Clearing my kryptonite allowed me to live for the better every day. I knew this was something truly amazing and something I had to be involved in, with the help of my practitioner at the time I started learning the practice and apprenticing under her for over 5 years. It has now been over 16 years since opening up my own clinic and helping free my clients from their kryptonite to live healthier fuller lives and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Why I do what I do? 

I was given a gift and I want to share it with the world. I do this for YOU. I see the positive, often life changing effects AET has on people and I want to extend that to as many people as I can. I have people from all over the world reach out to me for AET to clear everything from food sensitivities to major illness support and emotions. Emotional treatments are the most satisfying for me to see people's transformations. When we reset our emotions, we can reset our whole lives. Watching anxious clients with panic attacks regain their control. Seeing people riddled with grief find joy again. Even having people clear their emotional bonds to narcissists. Wow! Everyone has their kryptonite and I want to help you clear it and become free. 

Contact me and Clear Your Kryptonite Today! 



To Change the world one step at a time, one person at a time.

With every treatment goes a ripple effect that creates change for the better.

How It Works

Using the Allergy Elimination Technique I am able to test for substances your whole body is sensitive or allergic to and can also identify which organs of the body are reacting to them if needed. By using a painless non- invasive technique I can then restore your body as a whole or those specific organs to normal function. You may then become free of the symptoms.

I want you to get the care you deserve and live your best life!

Transforming Lives By Healing Allergies & Sensitivities. 

Every person is made up of energy. Everything in the world has a vibrational frequency that can interfere with the energy of any person. When your energy and the energy of a substance or feeling comes in contact, it can cause friction. That friction weakens you. This weakening can show as different symptoms for different people, but most commonly shows up as an allergy/ sensitivity or effects your emotional reactions.


Energy friction happens when you come in contact with specific items or feelings that you have a problem with and is different for every person. I refer to these as your kryptonite. This contact can be from ingesting, smelling, touching or feeling the particular energy.

Clearing these energies including your emotional kryptonite is like hitting your personal reset button. I clear the different energies so they are harmonized  and resonate at the same frequency. So when you feel that emotion or are exposed to your allergy/ sensitivity in future, you are no longer sensitive to it. 

My Priority Is Your Health 

Your health is my priority - I promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and understand your goals so you can get back to tackling your day - to - day activities while feeling your absolute best! I ensure your treatments plan is totally custom to you through diagnostic testing, focusing on your specific kryptonite.  

Love Your Life 

Clear your allergies and rid yourself of your kryptonite whether that is anything from sinus issues, skin problems, digestive issues, weight issues, asthma and more. Eat Ice cream with your kids. Cut the lawn without a rash. Even make it through hay fever "season" without a box of Kleenex.

When you feel your best - anything is possible. 


Thank you for contacting us!


Text 519-770-5508

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