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Happy Clients 

Getting You What You Need  ~~~ Peace Of Mind Included

Lisa Bechtel
You're busy with you life. I understand! That's why I want to help free you from your kryptonite today, just like I did with all those below & many more! Let me help to take the load off your shoulders and give you your freedom.

Lisa Bechtel

Crystal, AB

“Allergies Freed helped me find FREEDOM to travel without FEAR of the new food experiences that awaited me. With Lisa's help I feel confident and free to try everything on my plate and fully experience a new place."

Olivia R., ONT

"My food allergies left me unable to eat in restaurants or even others homes with ease. I finally feel free to socialise and enjoy!"

Melanie, ONT

I don't want to get too excited but yesterday Ella ate a granola bar that had peanuts listed in the ingredients.  They were one of the last on the list so probably not a very large amount, however, she ate the 

whole thing (slowly) and did not have any reactions or irritations.  

We were so excited.  You should have seen her face.  She said it was so yummy!!  I am going to try a few more things.  No redness or irritation on the peanut oil rubbed into the skin as well.

I would have never imagined.....  will still tread cautiously but want to try some more things.


Thanks and hope you are well.  Will keep you posted. 

Becky, ONT

Hi Lisa.... I have some great news. My Son was sent to the Firestone clinic in Hamilton to be re-tested for his peanut allergy. The skin tests came back positive but the specialist wanted to do blood tests because they are much more accurate. Well he called me and my son is no longer allergic to peanuts! He said it was so mild that he no longer has to carry and epipen. He did say that if he ate peanuts he may have a bit of a "fuzzy" feeling in his mouth, but nothing serious. Isn't that wonderful news? Kids only have a 20% chance of out growing a peanut allergy so I am positive that it was the work you did that cleared him up so thank you so much for that. Also my other son is still doing great! Ever since we worked on the sugar and the vaccination he barely has any tics and even his OCD has improved significantly! So again...a great big thank you to you!!!

Suzanne, ONT

Went to see my doctor about my child (I'll explain when I see you - nothing to do with what you've done).....but anyway, the subject of diet came up and the doctor wanted my child to eat tomatoes which was one of the things they were allergic to. So, that was my opportunity to say "their not allergic to tomatoes anymore".  Of course the doctor asked how that could be and I explained it to her.  I said "you'll probably think this is crazy" and my doctor said absolutely not.   She said "The Chinese have been healing people for hundreds of years through energy healing and just because western medicine doesn't have any scientific proof, doesn't mean that it doesn't work."  She even said she might call you herself to see if you can cure some of her allergies.  So I gave her your number.


I thought you might like to hear this since it came from a medical doctor!

Sandra, ONT

Hi Lisa,


This is my testimonial to you!!


I was very, very, very skeptical and only went once.  I just didn't get it and thought that it was all hokey pokey.


Also, at that time I didn't want to put out the money.


I had heard about a lady that's family had bought a dog and within 2 weeks they thought they were going to have to find the dog another home because the lady was allergic to the dog. Lisa said provide me the dog's hair in a baggy and I will treat you.  She did, Lisa did the treatment and she was fixed.  It all sounds so weird, but it works.


So now eight years later, I have been having my own health issues and Lisa is looking after things. Since, I have had 10 treatments.


I have had my thyroid problems change.  Now due to the treatments my thyroid works again (minerals, salts and calcium/dairy) things are fixed and my nails that were always cracked and weren't smooth, now are smooth and are growing.  For a women to relate to this, my nails now grow like a pregnant women's nails do and they are very strong.


Lisa is very knowledgeable and keeps looking after me.  I have gone thru the top 10 tests and she keeps finding things to make me better.


She is continuing to make be better and I feel better and have more energy because of what she has done.  I use to be the type of person that would stay in bed until 10 or 11 am on a Saturday because my hubby would cook breakfast for and watch the kids and now he is shocked because I am getting up at 7 am?


It sounds weird at the start and sometimes, because if you are a nervous / worry wart person like I am seems crazy, if you can relax it is worth it in the end.


Lisa has brought me out of the dull drums and made me into the person I use to be five years ago.


I thank you very very much Lisa for bringing me back to life.


I look forward to more treatments!!! Also, now that I am almost fixed, I look forward to you looking after my husband and children!


Thank you and all the best Lisa

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